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Recently, Optiline Co-Founder Tommy Bolduc took a trip out to Oklahoma City with Chief Gypsum  Installer Jesus in order to meet with some of the lead designers working at Formulated Materials, a provider of innovative technologies that are meant for use within the gypsum concrete flooring industry. The meeting between us here at Optiline and the team at Formulated Materials was done so that we could get a chance to look at the progress being made on our new “Smart Batch” system. This advanced piece of equipment is a powerhouse that aids in solving one of the most common problems relating to major construction projects. While these machines do tend to be more expensive and may need advanced maintenance if an untrained crew is operating, the opportunities that they provide us and our clients will more than make up for the cost.

Rather than having to manually complete the process of mixing, the machine mechanizes each step resulting in a more efficient and precise outcome that improves the overall quality of our projects. Usually, crews have to undergo the task of opening up several hundred bags of material that then have to be individually managed as the mixing procedure takes place. The traditional manner in which this is carried out can lead to a number of issues such as an overall increase in the amount of dust that comes onto the site and the potential for injuries relating to the physical labor carried out by the workers. In addition to this, manually mixing materials heightens the likelihood of human error in terms of ensuring that the ingredient mix is correct. These conditions often produce subpar results and lessen the overall quality of the job being done.

Here at Optiline, we are committed to the implementation of a methodology that guarantees that we are providing our clients with the highest level of quality. It is because of this that we have continued to partner with Formulated Materials in order to have access to some of the most cutting edge technology currently offered within this industry. Our two companies share a very similar line of thinking that has resulted in successful collaboration that has allowed us to progress our capabilities as a whole. The team in Oklahoma City has been very receptive to changes that we’ve made and the ideas that we have developed in order to make something that meets our standards.

While visiting Formulated where our new smart batch system is being constructed, we were able to give feedback to the designers and engineers so as to make modifications that will better serve our purposes as a company. Because of our commission of projects such as the smart batch system, we have been able to maintain our reputation as a group that is consistently exceeding the demands of the industry while simultaneously doing so at a cost that is financially efficient. These constant improvements and upgrades here at Optiline continue to support our position as one of the leading service providers to clients in the Gypsum and Drywall industry.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Optiline Drywall & Gypsum is more than a subcontractor. They are a resource. With them it’s about the relationship and the success of the partnership formed through that bond. Without a doubt each project will have its challenges but when you surround yourself with partners like Optiline those challenges become stories of perseverance you laugh about together later.

Mike O’Connell
Senior Project Manager, Dellbrook

The Optiline gypcrete crew was very professional, really exceptional crew from the mixing truck to the guys on the floor screening the pour. Really good pour today!

Tyler Sullivan
Project Engineer, Plumb House Inc.

Optiline is a company we trust and can depend on when it comes to safety, quality and performance.

Patrick Callahan
Owner of Callahan Construction

Optiline’s commitment to quality, safety, and performance makes them a leading commodity in the construction industry. Their constant team approach and willingness to do-the-right-thing for their clients separates them far from their competitors. Always a pleasure working with Tommy and his teams!

Luke Grady
Sr. Superintendent, Dellbrook/JKS