Continuing to bring Gypsum to all states!

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Optiline Gypsum is making big moves in the gypsum subcontracting market.

Since 2006 we have worked hard to successfully build an outstanding reputation as a premier subcontractor in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. After years of perfecting our craft, we are now expanding our company into the New York and New Jersey markets! We are also excited to announce that we have received our third brand new Smart Batch System machinery for gypsum underlayment.

A growing territory demands a growing team, and we are thrilled to introduce Bob McMullen as the Tri State Regional Sales and Project Manager. Bob comes to us from New York City with over 30 years of proven experience in project management. He shares the same strong vision for Optiline Enterprises as Tommy and Mick Bolduc, and he is determined to deliver the ultimate customer experience for all of our tri-state area accounts.

Large projects such as gypsum underlayment installations require intricate knowledge and careful planning, which is where Bob comes in. With Optiline’s experience and expertise, you can be confident that Bob, and our entire team, will be there to guide you seamlessly through your installation process as a whole.

This sophisticated 25-foot extended trailer is dispatched to the job site where gypsum is mixed in large batches, eliminating the old technique of manually mixing bag after bag. Allowing us to work faster, safer, cleaner, and greener. There is no job too big for the Smart Batch System as it has the power to pour up to 50,000 square feet per day. In addition to faster production, our Smart Batch System guarantees a most consistent pour.

This massive investment was a long developed strategy that, after careful consideration, was deemed necessary to deliver platinum quality through our market in New England. As well as go beyond satisfying our new customers in all states, especially now New York and New Jersey. As our business is rapidly growing, Optiline Enterprises strives to be the platinum standard in performance, quality, and customer satisfaction and will soon be the number one gypsum sub-contractor in New York and New Jersey. We are dedicated and will continue to impress and dominate for generations to come.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Optiline is a company we trust and can depend on when it comes to safety, quality and performance.

Patrick Callahan
Owner of Callahan Construction

The Optiline gypcrete crew was very professional, really exceptional crew from the mixing truck to the guys on the floor screening the pour. Really good pour today!

Tyler Sullivan
Project Engineer, Plumb House Inc.

Optiline’s commitment to quality, safety, and performance makes them a leading commodity in the construction industry. Their constant team approach and willingness to do-the-right-thing for their clients separates them far from their competitors. Always a pleasure working with Tommy and his teams!

Luke Grady
Sr. Superintendent, Dellbrook/JKS

Optiline Drywall & Gypsum is more than a subcontractor. They are a resource. With them it’s about the relationship and the success of the partnership formed through that bond. Without a doubt each project will have its challenges but when you surround yourself with partners like Optiline those challenges become stories of perseverance you laugh about together later.

Mike O’Connell
Senior Project Manager, Dellbrook