Get To Know Tommy and Mick Bolduc

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Optliline Founders - Tommy Bolduc & Mick Bolduc

Mick Bolduc and his partner Tommy work with the team to ensure Optiline Enterprises brings high-volume building and retail exterior experience to the table. Combined with family values. With strong growth since the company’s formation, Optiline strives to deliver quality and customer service -drawing on their policy of treating employees and clients like family. “I like to fill whatever position is needed on my jobs. I go undercover and become a team member, I like to see how my team is being treated on site and aid in any way I can. I lead by example.”

Tommy Bolduc has worked with Mick Bolduc to build up Optiline and create a bold Statement everywhere it goes. Our Moto is to undersell and overdeliver, This has lead Optiline to success over and over. Satisfying our clients is key for us. Not only do we want our clients to be satisfied they used us but we want others to ask themselves why they haven’t! We try to service each client to make them feel like they are the only ones we work for.

“What I love about coming in to work everyday at Optiline is conquering different tasks each and everyday. Innovation is an ever going task in this industry. I pride myself on developing relationships that lead to success at Work and at Play. Mick and I have the best Partnership any business could ask for, Surrounded by our A-Team in the Field and in the Office we make success happen everyday.”

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Optiline is a company we trust and can depend on when it comes to safety, quality and performance.

Patrick Callahan
Owner, Callahan Construction

Optiline’s commitment to quality, safety, and performance makes them a leading commodity in the construction industry. Their constant team approach and willingness to do-the-right-thing for their clients separates them far from their competitors. Always a pleasure working with Tommy and his teams!

Luke Grady
Sr. Superintendent, Dellbrook/JKS

In an industry filled with daily obstacles, Optiline always makes themselves available with a solution-oriented mindset. We trust them to get the job done the right way, even under difficult circumstances. Optiline continues to be a valued trade partner for Callahan job after job.

Adam Byrd
Senior Project Manager, Callahan Construction

The Optiline gypcrete crew was very professional, really exceptional crew from the mixing truck to the guys on the floor screening the pour. Really good pour today!

Tyler Sullivan
Project Engineer, Plumb House Inc.

We love working with Optiline on our projects. Always willing to do what it takes to get the job done, no ask is too big or too small. We appreciate all of their hard work and look forward to many more successful projects with Optiline in the future.

Joe Hennessey
Senior Project Manager, Hanover Company

I wanted to extend our appreciation for the framing and drywall work completed on our Marriner Mill project by Optiline Enterprises. The company performed very well and completed on time and budget. The Optiline office and field leadership was very responsive and attentive to our schedule and goals. Quality of the work performed was very good from start to finish. We will definitely reach out to Optiline Enterprises on any future project opportunities.

David McQuaid
Project Manager, Aberthaw Construction Company, Inc.

For the 11-12 years and counting I’ve been doing Business with Optiline. I have been relying on them as a trade partner project after project. They trust in the bigger picture and understand that the current job is a stepping stone to the next. They can push a schedule and they partner with us and our clients to help make projects feasible. After 11 years I’ve made many friends within Optiline, through all the ranks, and I count myself lucky to be their partner in this awesome business.

Michael O’Connell
Director of Operations, AmCon

Optiline is a trade-partner you can rely on. Having worked closely with them over the last ten years across a variety of project-types, I’ve consistently seen them rise to the challenges posed through our line of work. When we partner with Optiline Enterprises, we’re confident that they do what they say they’re going to do. From drywall to framing, and from gypcrete to fireproofing – Optiline routinely delivers.

Eric Tanery
Project Manager, Dellbrook|JKS

Optiline Drywall & Gypsum is more than a subcontractor. They are a resource. With them it’s about the relationship and the success of the partnership formed through that bond. Without a doubt each project will have its challenges but when you surround yourself with partners like Optiline those challenges become stories of perseverance you laugh about together later.

Mike O’Connell
Senior Project Manager, Dellbrook/JKS